Landscaping is something that grew from our passion for gardening.

Why Greensquare?

We offer peace of mind as we offer the full range of services from design to paving and building. We manage the entire project so you do not need any other service provider for any aspect. We do it all.


We have a very good synergy that is created between the landscaping and the tree felling service lines where we offer tree relocation and replacement.


Greensquare is renowned for its three-sixty approach to landscaping and we have helped many clients re-arrange, redesign or just spice up their gardens.


What services do we offer?

 - Planting of grass, trees and plants

 - Paving

 - Irrigation

 - Building and painting

 - Soil treatment

 - Water features, ponds and dam

 - Koi and koi pond specialists (construction, weekly maintenance and repair)



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