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What makes us different?

Management: †† We take pride in our client relations and
communication, bridging the work performed with the clientís requirements. Each project has an on-site team supervisor and a manager ultimately responsible for the work performed to ensure the best quality service is rendered.

Experience: †††††† Our 13 years of experience has gained us a reputation as a reliable and† professional
service provider boasting very good value for money. We have built up many references with this reputation.

Safety:†††††††††††††† All our staff members are permanently
employed with valid South African IDís or passports and working permits and most with years of service to the company. We do
not employ casual labourers and have stringent employment criteria including background and criminal record checks. This limits the risk of theft and damage to your property and increases accountability of staff.

maintenance service provider. We have been servicing clients in Gauteng for the past 13 years. With the assistance of a new partner, we are now expanding our operations to take our high quality services and affordability to new
markets and combat the high pricing and poor quality seen in this industry.


What do we specialise in?

We provide a wide variety of† outdoor maintenance
services but specialise in the following:

 Garden service and pool maintenance

 Tree felling



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