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We are garden maintenance specialists for corporate and domestic clients. Our maintenance services include garden service, landscaping, tree felling and any other outdoor maintenance services.

Garden Service and Pool Maintenance

Our garden service and pool maintenance is the most reliable, highest quality, and best value for money. We offer a lot more than merely mowing of lawn. We offer many additional garden services as we also prune bushes and plants, split and replant garden plants, perform garden weed control in beds and on paving, scarify and aerate grass, lay garden lawn dressing and much more. We also offer full time gardeners for larger corporate clients and estates.

Our pool service includes weekly or once off cleaning and chemical treatment.

Our spring service includes:

 Scarifying and aeration of grass to remove old grass and allow nutrition and water to reach the roots of the grass.

 Lawn Dressing to replenish the nutrients into the soil for grass growth

 Compost treatment in flower beds so that all plant life in the beds are enhanced

 Pruning of bushes and plants to allow for new growth and better flowering



garden landscaping

offers best pricing for the most professional service around. We offer a full range of landscaping services including both soft landscaping and hard landscaping. Our complete landscaping solutions are from design and consultation to complete overnight makeovers.

Tree Felling

Our Tree felling is the safest, best equipped and most dependable tree removal and pruning service in the industry. We are comprehensively insured for all services and thus you can rest assured that our tree felling will only bring you gain.

Other Garden and Outdoor Maintenance

We also offer all other garden and outdoor maintenance such as


 Retainer block walls,

 Electric and palisade fencing


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